Digital Download: Articulation Therapy Companion for Mini Objects Speech Therapy

I designed this product to serve as a grab & go activity targeting a variety of speech sounds at the word, sentence, and conversational level.
Speech sounds included: /p,b,m,n,t,d,k,g,f,v,l,r,s,z,j,ch,sh,th/.

I like to store this product in a binder. Simply print out all of the pages, place in sheet protectors, and you're ready to go. I’d also suggest using some sticky note tabs to mark the phonemes for easy access.

This binder is meant to be INTERACTIVE! It works wonderfully with mini objects but can also be used with articulation cards, play doh, and dry erase markers.

You will find instructions for use at the top of every activity page. Towards the end of this packet, you will find even more worksheets and activities that are not phoneme specific.

You can see a video demo of this product by clicking HERE to go to my instagram (@SpeechTreeCo) and watching the highlight titled, “TPT”.

I LOVE hearing your feedback and ideas for new resources. Let's be friends and work together! Come hang out with me on Instagram or email me at

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