ABC Alphabet mini objects montessori

Items are made to order. Please note the 5 day processing time. 

Alphabet sets are here!!
After receiving many requests to create a set of trinkets for alphabet letters, I am so excited to finally be able to offer these.
These are great for parents and teachers of children who are learning their letters and letter sounds.

There are three different sets. All sets are different, there will be no duplicate trinkets between the sets.

Each set includes:
-Labeled Jar of 26 mini objects. One per letter (all in initial position but "x" may be in final position).
-Laminated picture cards to match the 26 objects.

Each order includes:
-Instruction sheet with many ideas for how to use
-Binder ring of large letters to use with the ideas on the instruction sheet
-A-z sorting mat to sort the mini objects.

If you are interested in this product and want to see a video demonstration of it, please visit my instagram @speechtreeco and watch the highlight "ABC" on my profile.

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