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Digital Download Syllable Shape Activities for Speech Therapy Apraxia

This resource comes with 40 pages of activities to work on the following syllable shapes:
CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, CVCC, Multisyllabic, l/s/r blends.

 This product goes wonderfully with the syllable shape stackers available via this link: 

These activities are great for using along with mini objects, play doh, and dry erase markers. However, the unit can also be used without any of these items.

Over 25+ target words for each syllable shape and ideas for using them at both the word level and sentence level while keeping your client interested in the activity.

No prep needed.

If you want to learn more about this product before purchasing, you can watch a video demo of it over on my instagram @speechtreeco. The video demo can be found towards the end of the TPT highlight on my profile.

Thank you for your interest in my products and I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

I LOVE hearing your feedback and ideas for new resources. Let's be friends and work together! Come hang out with me on Instagram or email me at

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