Silly Interactive Stories

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A digital resource.

Use mini objects with these stories and get a new story every time

Each short story gives the opportunity to use at least 6 different mini objects to create your very own silly story! The pages have a star on the picture where your mini object will go. 

➡️ This bundle includes 32 stories. 

These silly stories allow for the opportunity to work on:

  • Speech: Want to use these stories to target speech sounds? Just use mini objects that contain the target sound! Search through your collection of minis and you’re bound to find at least a few that contain the sound.
  • Sequencing/RETELL: Help your student retell the story after it is done. You can also work on sequencing by laying out the minis that were chosen in the order that they were chosen (Which mini did we choose first? Second? etc.).
  • Wh questions: Pause after each part of the story to ask a variety of WH questions. The questions can be about the mini object that was just chosen or it can be about the events of the story.
  • Negation: Due to their silly nature, these stories are filled with opportunities to work on negation. When a student chooses an object that doesn’t make sense for the story, you can talk about why it does NOT make sense. For example: “How silly! Lizards DON’T play on the swings. Socks are NOT a type of food. Pillows AREN’T scary!” etc.
  • Categorizing: These stories provide opportunities to work on categorization. For example, if the story talks about eating something and the child pulls out a hat mini object, you can say - “Ew! We don’t eat hats. Hats are a type of clothing. We need to eat food items. Can you think of any food items?” Or, if the story talks about playing with something on the playground and your student pulls out a chair mini object, you can say - “How silly! We don’t play with chairs. A chair is a piece of furniture. We need to find a toy. Can you think of any types of toys?”
  • Expanding Utterances: Each of these stories are formatted the same way. This provides a lot of opportunities to work on repetitive phrases and sentences.

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