Hi I'm Rachelle!

Hi! My name is Rachelle and I'm the Speech-Language Pathologist behind Speech Tree Co (aka the mini object lady :P). 

I started Speech Tree Co in December of 2018.  I got the idea to make mini object kits targeting speech and language goals while working as a pediatric SLP at a private practice in southern California. Our practice had a toy room and as you can imagine with 5+ therapists all sharing the same toys, the items didn’t always get put back into the correct spot. We had a bin dedicated to miscellaneous toys whose home we were unsure of. This box primarily consisted of small toys (puzzle pieces, doll furniture, and other randomness).

One day I grabbed this box of random mini toys to use in therapy. I used it with a student who was working on the /s/ sound. We dumped out the box of toys and started exploring what was inside and setting aside anything that had the /s/ sound in it. This student LOVED the activity and requested to do it again during the next session. 

This made me realize just how much more engaging these mini toys were than traditional articulation flashcards and Speech Tree Co was born!

I love my job as an SLP and love it even more now that I get to share materials with my fellow SLPS, parents, and teachers all over the world.

All of my products are made with love and tested out with my very own speech and language students before listing them on my website.

I hope my products bring you and your clients joy wherever and however you may be using them!

Be sure to read more about why I love minis so much by clicking HERE

All the best,

Rachelle Paquette M.A., CCC-SLP  

I'd love to connect with you!
Instagram: @SpeechTreeCo
Email: Rachelle@SpeechTreeCo.com



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