Why I Love Minis

Just take one look at my website and you will know that I am obsessed with mini objects. 
You may be wondering why this crazy lady is so obsessed with all things mini. Well… I can tell you using one word: MOTIVATION. SLPs, Parents, and Teachers all know that getting a child to participate in something they have no interest in doing is truly a waste of effort. 
As SLPs, we have all been in therapy with our students, flipping over articulation flashcards as our students practice their sound over and over.
Their attention begins to dwindle and along with that, the accuracy of their speech sound productions decreases.
Enter… MINI OBJECTS! I have been using mini objects in therapy for over four years now and just about every student I have used them with has been motivated by them. When children are using mini objects to work on speech and language goals, they are often viewing the activity as play!
Children learn best through play! When children are playing, their attention improves. When their attention improves, their ability to process and learn new information also improves. The use of these miniature 3d objects provides tactile information that 2d flashcards do not. Providing the child with this multisensory input activates larger areas of the brain which improves the brain’s ability to establish and repair neural pathways (which is the purpose of therapy). 
If you have yet to try out mini objects with your students, you are missing out on the magic of minis!! 
If you are already on the mini object bandwagon and want specific, tangible ways to use your objects in therapy, be sure to head over to https://www.speechtreeco.com/products/handout and download my free activity sheets!

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