RESTOCKING 6/10 : Speech Sound Boxes ~ Mini Objects for Articulation

Speech Sound Box Set

These are perfect for SLPs, teachers, parents of children with speech/language delays, and parents of typically developing children.

This product is sold as a set and contains the following speech sounds: p, b, n, t, d, k, g, l, r, f/v, s, z, th, sh, j, ch.

If you'd like to add the /m/ sound and /s, l, r/ blends onto your set you can do so here :

If you would like to check out the expansion pack for this product you can do so here:

Product comes with labeled storage system like shown in picture.

Contains 15-18 trinkets per box. Each box contains a word card stating the name of each object in the box.

The trinkets include the speech sound in initial, medial, and final position. For example the /s/ box may include words such as "soda, pencil, house".

My speech and language students are loving miniature objects right now. These are great to use in sensory bins and can be used to target language in addition to speech.


Not meant for children under 3 due to small parts.


Want more hands on and engaging materials for articulation? Check out my best selling Silly Sentences and Articulation Carrier Phrases.

Packaged in "Really Useful Boxes". Comes with the storage grid that is pictured. 

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