Digital Articulation Books

This bundle includes 18 gamebooks: K, G, S, M, B, F, Prevocalic R, L, CH, SH, TH, Vocalic R, P, L blends, S blends, R blends.

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Did you love gamebooks as a kid?! I would read them for hours, trying to get every possible ending! There is something about having a choice in how a story unfolds that makes it so much more engaging. My goal with these stories is to bring a play-based and interactive component to articulation therapy.

This product is a choose your own adventure type of book for articulation therapy. It is a digital product that is great for screen-sharing during distance learning or using with an iPad or computer during in person therapy.

Each of the stories in this product line have different plots. The stories are loaded with the target sound and have opportunities throughout to get a lot of trials!

These stories can easily be adapted to use with your own target words as well.

This product is so easy to use! Just open it up on your device and start the fun.

  • Easily modifiable to target word level, phrase level, and connected speech.
  • Allows for individualization (switch out the target word required to advance in the story).
  • The student has control in how the story unfolds which increases attention and engagement.
  • Minimum of 30 trials if no wrong decisions are made. Up to 80 trials with wrong decisions and over 100 if follow up questions are asked during the story!

I LOVE hearing your feedback and ideas for new resources. Let's be friends and work together! Come hang out with me on Instagram or email me at

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle C

My students absolutely love this resource. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these resources. My students have so much fun with all of them!

Carley D

I wish I bought these sooner! My kids are OBSESSED!! They love the different paths they can take in these stories. They are so motivated to go back to try the other "paths" and bonus... more speech trials!

Shani H

Like all of Speech Tree Co's work, you can tell that a lot of thought was put into these books. They engaged my students and are easy to pull out during a virtual session no prep. I would recommend to anyone doing any virtual therapy!

Erin M

This is such a fun way to target speech sounds! It works for practicing sounds at the word level or working towards generalization. Love it!

Jamie M

My students have really enjoyed working on their articulation sounds while using these interactive books. They are just the right length and are very engaging.

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