Playing Cards Bundle for Articulation & Language

This resource is a digital download.

Make therapy fun! This BUNDLE comes with 9 playing card decks.

These cards are SO versatile. The resource comes with 6 different ideas for how to use but I am sure you creative SLPs will come up with even more ideas. Almost anyway you can use a dice, you can use these cards!

 4 decks target articulation: prevocalic r, initial /l/, initial /s/, and initial /k/.
- All cards are double sided.
- One side contains a picture of the target word.
- The other side adds even more fun by providing a riddle. The answer to the riddle is a word containing the target sound!


 4 decks target language: object functions, categories, spatial concepts, verbs, and open-ended vocabulary.
- All cards are double sided.
- One side contains pictures of the language target and the other side contains a question or direction pertaining to the language target.

 Once you laminate these, you will easily be able to wipe them down between use for sanitary purposes. All of the suggested games inside this resource can also be played with YOU being the one handling the cards. That means no germy fingers ever have to touch these cards for it to be fun and engaging.

You can see a video demo of this product by clicking HERE to go to my instagram (@SpeechTreeCo) and watching the highlight titled, “Playing Cards”.

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