**PREORDER - ships in 4 weeks ** Cycles Kit for Phonology

This kit includes the primary patterns: final consonants, s clusters, fronting, gliding, and syllableness.

Visit this link to add the STOPPING box to your cycles kit. SpeechTreeCo.com/products/stopping

Made for SLPs to use with their phono caseload. Engaging and Effective. The goal with this kit is to give you everything you need to get you through multiple
cycles with vour students. Everything no-prep and completely planned.

**This resource contains small parts and should not be used for children under 3 years. It is a choking hazard.**

Read more about EVERYTHING that is included by going to this page HERE ⬅️

Watch videos about this product by going to this highlight HERE ⬅️

Learn more about the cycles approach in general by reading blogs HERE ⬅️


DIGITAL WORKBOOKS: You will receive your workbooks (300+ pages worth of information and activities) as a digital download. The link to the workbooks will be sent to the SAME email you used when you check out. You will receive this link via email when the physical item ships. 

PHYSICAL WORKBOOKS: You will receive your workbooks (300+ pages worth of information and activities) already printed and bound for you. They will be shipped with the other items. You will also receive the workbooks as a digital download (read the option before this one for more info on that). 


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Kathleen C.

I am a "seasoned" SLP but reentering the school environment. I love this set of materials! It's been a great way to knock the cobwebs out of my brain and the materials are easy to access! I don't have to spend time finding pictures or targets and the manipulatives are so motivating! I wish I'd had this material years ago!

Shari M.

The Cycles Unit purchase has been a wonderful investment! The quality of the materials is excellent. Having access to a digital version and having the bound physical product at my fingertips is so convenient. The minis!!! My students LOVE the minis!!! Happy, engaged students mean hard work and progress! When my students are happy, their family is happy, and tha means I am happy. Thank you!!

Jillian P

You won’t regret it! The whole unit is so thoughtfully and thoroughly planned out. I had never really used the cycles approach, but this was so straightforward. My students also love it! It kept them engaged the entire time.

Emerie E.

As a Cycles "novice," this unit was very easy to understand and implement immediately. I felt like I had everything I needed to be well-prepared for sessions. My students were engaged with the minis and all the activities I have used so far, which has helped increase participation. 10/10, no hesitation to recommend.

Ashley K

I absolutely love the Cycles Unit and so do my students!! We enjoy all of the activities and the mini objects make learning so much fun! The informational booklet and case studies are so helpful! Thanks for the amazing product and I look forward to more of your materials in the future! :)

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