Cycles 101

April 24, 2022

Cycles 101

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Have you been wanting to learn more about the Cycles Approach but aren't sure where to start? Well, you are in the right place! Below you will find the what/when/who/why/how of the Cycles Approach for Phonological Patterns.

The Cycles approach is the approach I use most often with my preschoolers. I 💗 this approach because: (1) I see amazing gains in my students' speech when using it. (2) Only stimulable sounds are targeted which reduces the frustration of something being "too hard" (3) The approach provides a framework for each cycle and therapy session making it very no-prep and simple to execute. 


What is the cycles approach?
- A phonological intervention
-Addresses phonological patterns that are consistent in a child's spontaneous speech
-Targets phonemes in a cycle to remediate the phonological patterns and improve intelligibility 
- Each phoneme for each pattern is targeted for 60 minutes before moving on to the next pattern/phoneme


When was cycles developed?
-Cycles was developed by Barbara Hodson and colleagues in the 80s.


Who is cycles appropriate for?
-Preschool and early elementary age students with highly unintelligible speech
-Limited consonant sound inventory
-Frequent omissions


Why would someone use the cycles approach?
-Evidence based
-Closely matches natural speech acquisition (
-Can reduce frustration In students due to the predictable framework and the fact that only stimulable sounds are targeted.
-Phonemes and activities are changed often which helps with motivation and participation


How do I choose targets and structure my sessions?
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Do you use the cycles approach with your students? Click the photo below to check out this comprehensive, engaging, and effective cycles unit!

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