Weather Themed Speech Therapy Ideas

March 22, 2021

Weather Themed Speech Therapy Ideas

I love using themes in therapy.

You can read more about the benefits of themed therapy and the research behind it through this blog post HERE

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An important part of themed therapy is the use of hands-on activities that engage multiple senses. It is also important to give many exposures to the new concepts across different contexts (play, book reading, videos, etc). Below you will find my top favorite items and activities to use with a weather theme!


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1. Topper Takes a Trip
A fun game to use to teach associations and improve receptive language skills (following directions). 

2. Dress the Bears
Dress the bears up for different types of weather!

3. Weather Puzzle #1 and Weather Puzzle #2
Puzzles to use with your EI & Preschool clients during play based therapy.



1. Little Cloud
A great book for your younger students. Perfect for working on basic concepts!

2. All About Weather
I love this book! It is basically a summary of everything weather-related in kid friendly terms. 

3. Little Raindrop
A fun book that teaches the water cycle.

4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
A fun classic that is great for working on retelling and WH questions. 

5. Float
A rainy day wordless picture book! Wordless picture books are a staple in my therapy room. So many language opportunities! 

6. Worm Weather
A cute, simple. book that can be used to target MLU, verbs, vocabulary. 



1. Comprehensive Weather Themed Boom Cards

2. Weather sorting game
An online game to practice sorting different items into the type of weather/climate that they belong to. 

3. How's the weather? Song
A wonderful, simple song to target weather vocabulary. 

4. Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow Song
Another fun, simple song. 

5. Dress the puppy!
A super cute game where the child can dress up puppies depending on what the weather is like.



1. Weather Preschool Activities

2. Weather Green Screen Backgrounds

3. Weather Cariboo Companion

4. Interactive Weather Book

5. Snowy Day Picture Scenes

6. Summer Say & Find



1. Sensory BinsSensory bins allow hands-on opportunities for children to learn about their world and their senses. There are a lot of different sensory bin fillers that could be used for a weather theme. Use shaving cream to represent snow or clouds. Use water beads to represent rain or the ocean. Use fake snow to represent cold weather. Sensory bins are used in many classrooms and therapy centers to teach language skills, play skills, life skills, and so much more!

2. Painting with Wind. This is a fun craft and activity that can be used to work on many different language skills. It is great for preschoolers who are working on requesting and expanding utterances. Put a piece of paper in a cookie sheet. Then, drip a large drop of paint onto the paper. Give your student a straw and let them paint with the wind (aka blow through the straw and move the paint around on the paper). Putting the paper in a cookie sheet keeps this *mostly* mess free!

3. Tornado Experiment. This is a fun activity to use with your elementary students to work on WH questions, narrative retell, predicting/inferencing, and socials skills (If doing the activity in a group setting). You will need 2 water bottles, water, something to put in the water (such as glitter, food coloring, small objects), a "vortex connector" or metal washer and duct tape. Remove the caps and plastic ring from both bottles. Fill one bottle 3/4 full. Add any glitter or food coloring at this time. Last, screw on the vortex connector to the bottom bottle and add the top bottle to the top of the vortex connector. Check to see if any water leaks out of it. Now for the fun part! Turn the bottles over and move them quickly in a circular motion. Watch the water vortex form! It looks exactly like a tornado!


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