Inside look at a therapy session with the cycles approach

April 24, 2022

Inside look at a therapy session with the cycles approach

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Want your cycles therapy sessions planned out for you? Check out this INSTAGRAM REEL to see how simple a session can be using the comprehensive cycles unit.


How to set up your cycles sessions:

You have your cycle prepared and you are ready to begin therapy. If you need more information about what cycles is or how to set up the cycle and choose targets, refer to one of the blogs or products mentioned above.

The thing I love most about the cycles approach is that the outline of each therapy session is given to you! Sessions are predictable and require little to no prep time.
Each phoneme in each pattern is targeted for 60 minutes before moving on to the next phoneme/pattern (regardless of mastery). Sessions can be broken up if needed (e.g., 2 30-minute sessions, 3 20-minute sessions). Reassess phonology between cycles.
Each session follows the following format:

1. Auditory Bombardment:
Read a list of words (with amplification) that contain the target pattern/phoneme while your child listens quietly. Do this at the beginning and end of each session for about one minute. 
Rationale: Children with normal hearing typically acquire the adult sound system primarily by listening (Van Riper, 1939).

2. Production Practice:
Engage the child in a few 5-10 minute, engaging activities that are designed to get a high number of trials of the target words. Try to aim for around 100 trials of the 3-5 target words. These trials should be accurate. Give as many prompts and cues as the child needs in order to be close to 100% accurate during production practice. "A major goal for phonological remediation in cycles is for the child to experience immediate and tangible success" (Hodson, 2007). Practice the target words at the word level. Choose enjoyable and motivating activities so the child is actively involved in their treatment. 

3. Incorporate Metaphonological Activities:
Metaphonological tasks (e.g., rhyming, syllable segmentation) should be incorporated for a few minutes during each session. Incorporating these tasks will help the child improve their primary literacy skills.

4. Auditory Bombardment:

5. Check stimulability of next weeks target.

6. Home Program:
Send home the list of the 2-5 target words that were addressed in that session and a short auditory bombardment list. Caregivers will read the auditory bombardment list (30 seconds to a minute) to the child while they listen quietly. Then, the child will ACCURATELY produce the 2-5 target words for about 2 minutes. This should be done daily. 


Check out this instagram reel to see what my sessions look like while using my comprehensive cycles unit mentioned below.  

Do you use the cycles approach with your students? Click the photo below to check out this comprehensive, engaging, and effective cycles unit!

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